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Delta-4 is a team of training and consulting professionals with diverse backgrounds and decades of experience delivering problem solving solutions through vivid hands-on learning to enhance their customers’ organizations success. Utilizing concepts developed and implemented by organizations and businesses, the military, high performance athletic teams, creates a difference (Delta) that increases performance. Since its inception in 1996 the company has educated and trained over tens of thousands of people throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Far East in all aspects of the Pyramid of Success.

Customer First

In the world of business, the upcoming revolution will be to change the environment from “company first” to “customer first”

Mission Based Approach

The mission based approach is a seemingly open but deliberately structured, coordinated and strategic way for teams to achieve extraordinary results and maximize return on training investment.

Proven Results

The road to our customer’s financial and performance achievement begins with the fifteen-step proprietary Pyramid of Success.

Life Changing Experience

Both organizations and individuals tend to develop their own unique patterns. At Delta-4, we address patterns in the organization to create dynamic change.


Pyramid of Success

The ‘Pyramid of Success’ is a stepped process designed for growth and achievement as an individual or an organization. It is simplistic in nature yet complex in its progression. It is a well thought out evolution of education and training for the current business environment. Not unlike the dynamic and ever changing processes of the business world, so is the ‘Pyramid of Success’ curriculum, it has been developed to flex and rapidly change with the demands of our customers. ‘The Pyramid of Success’ truly epitomizes the Delta-4 philosophy of ‘Customer First’.


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Our growth is built on the strength of our customer’s growth.

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  • Delta-4 has taken a special interest in our industry and custom designed programs to meet our needs. I am convinced that the training and consulting that we have received through Delta-4 has contributed to our exceptionally strong sales performance.

    Executive, WFAA-TV (ABC), Dallas

  • I can heartily recommend Delta-4 to any company that wants to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales force through sales training customized to their particular needs and challenges.

    C-Level Executive, Palomar Technologies

  • Delta-4 has provided invaluable benefits to both me and our company. Their hands-on, interactive approach engrains solid techniques and skills that carry over into the business world. We will continue to use Delta-4 to aid in our education and development of key personnel.

    C-Level Executive, Rose City Printing and Packaging

  • Over the past three years I have dramatically increased my efforts to properly train and motivate my organization to perform as a team, not a group of individuals. As with all training programs, I was concerned with identifiable results in exchange for time and expense. I have now sent 21 of 38 employees to the MCC (myself included). I could not be happier with the results! My organization has pulled together as a unit far better than at any time in our past history.

    President, Orange Line Oil Company

  • We’re thrilled with our decision to choose Delta-4. In just under six months, we’ve experienced significant return on our investment gaining commitments that will provide us with hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue. In addition, we’ve regained customers who were considering leaving for the competition. I highly recommend Delta-4 for any company that is looking to enhance their sales performance.

    Senior Vice President, Keenan

  • URS Sacramento has been working with Delta-4 since February of 2005 in the areas of Leadership Training, Team Building and Business Development. During this period, when there has been a severe shortage of qualified civil engineers and scientists, we have seen our turnover rate decline significantly to the single digits in the Sacramento office. Based upon industry costs of staff turnover, Delta-4 has contributed to significant savings in staff resources. I strongly recommend Delta-4 to any company that is seeking significant and lasting results.

    Vice President, URS Corporation


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