“A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.”   - Ancient Proverb


Planning is difficult, time-consuming, essential and often unrewarding. That’s why so many organizations don’t do it with any regularity. No one would think about taking a driving vacation to a spot they’d never been before without a map or two to get them there, yet company executives regularly make spontaneous decisions to take the organization in a direction it’s never gone before without working out in advance how it’s going to happen.

At the heart of Delta-4’s Competitive Planning is a firm belief that planning must be BOTH, strategic and tactical; not only must you know ‘what’ you’re going to do, but equally important is ‘how’ it’s going to be done. Using our method what is normally a 6-to-9 month ‘project’ can be fully accomplished in less than 7 days. In the Core curriculum the method is learned and employed within the course time. The Advanced sessions are more focused on key elements in the overall plan and participants learn how to use highly sophisticated tools that create major differentiation with the competition.  Specialized courses are customized to the client's specific needs.




Core Advanced
 - Strategic & Tactical Planning  - Business Campaigning
 - Strategic & Tactical Sales Planning  - Situational Tactical Planning
   - Strategic Targeting
 - Building a Customer Focused Organization  
 - Creating the "C2" Intelligence Section  






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