There is an axiom about leadership that states: “There is no leader without followers.” “Followers” then becomes the corollary to this axiom and it’s an easy jump to the recognition that a ‘group’ is the logical result of putting the axiom and its corollary into effect. A simple study of “leadership” then must include a corresponding study of groups and/or teams with attention paid to interactions, individual and group behaviors, communication and a plethora of other consequences of leadership.

Delta-4 Leadership focuses on six dimensions of leadership in practice: Leadership, Group Dynamics, Planning, Negotiating, Time Piracy, and Charisma.   Our “Core” courses cover these dimensions in some detail with emphasis on the foundational principles of each while the “Advanced” courses are more inclusive of multiple dimensions and are intended to stretch the participants to a deeper grasp of the principles underlying the concepts. “Specialized” courses address a singular focal point of one the basic dimensions and explore it in depth.

With the exception of “The Managers' Coaching Clinic” most of the courses are offered in 2-day or 3-day sessions delivered at the client’s locale unless otherwise directed by the client. The Clinic is a 3-day or 5-day experience. 




Core Specialized
 - High Performance Leadership  - Sales Management Leadership
 - Proactive Team Building  - Organizational Communication
 - Group Dynamics  - Ethical Reasoning in Business
 - Conflict Resolution  - Mentoring in the 21st Century
 - Pinnacle Performance Negotiations  - Interpersonal Skills Development
 - Time Piracy
 - Charisma: The Art of Effective Presentations  
 - The Managers' Coaching Clinic  
 - Advanced Management Team Building  








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