The definition of Organization Dynamics, i.e.,  “the study of how people in a large company or organization behave and react to each other, and of how the organization can be made to work more effectively” .  What's left out of the definition and has greater value than just the study of behaviors is the analysis of the impacts of those dynamics on both the individuals and the company.  Such analysis goes far beyond just measuring how the company can be made to work more effectively; it involves comprehensive inquiry into leadership and operational effectiveness.  Business practices and processes  have impacts on both the people involved in doing them and the organization itself. 


Leadership impacts many levels within organizations and the true measure of effective leadership is found in the arena of Organization Dynamics . The Delta-4 Leadership ‘mantra’ is “We lead people; we manage things.” When an organization gets moving doing whatever it does, the two functions of leaders, leading and managing, sometimes get confused and people tend to get ‘managed’ along with things, no one is 'led' and strange things can happen. Delta-4's focus in Organization Dynamics keeps the people of the organization central. Utilizing proprietary inventories and assessments our experts bring their decades of experience to bear on the 'issues' that are always present in organizations but are seldom identified as the source of dysfunction and consequently have a low priority for training or facilitation. 


Executive coaching, management consulting, group facilitation, operational readiness evaluations, pre- and post- project management assessments and peer reviews are just a few of the Consultative Services offered by Delta-4 as part of our focus on Organization Dynamics.  Our metric tools have been created and developed by our executive team and have proven results over fifteen years of service to organizations large and small throughout the U.S., Canada and Asia.  Contact us for more detailed information.







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