Arthur H. ("Red") Motley (1900-1984) was the publisher of Parade Magazine whose famous salesmanship slogan was “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” Motley argued that a sales force was vital to a company. 


The Delta-4 model for sales is based upon VALUE. Sales is not just an activity it’s a vital function of an organization that requires leadership, teamwork, planning, communication and optimal use of time. Our Core sales training places ‘value’ at its center and builds a process around it. Customizing the Delta-4 process to fit the client’s needs and business is a feature not commonly found in sales training. Our Advanced curriculum incorporates many elements of planning, both strategic and tactical, and requires participants to demonstrate their skills to complete the courses. For those once-in-a-while situations our Specialized curriculum develops and deepens the participants understanding of key principles of sales and marketing. The “Sales Warfighting School” and “Sales Assault School” are highly specialized and intense courses that take the skill development and assessment of participants to the highest levels of proficiency and success.




Core Advanced
 - Value Based Selling  - Building Successful Sales Teams    
 - Value Selling for Major Accounts   - Tactical Account Networking
 - Value Based Telesales & Marketing  - Account Potential & Qualifying
 - Building the Customer Connection  - Advanced Questioning  
 - Winning Presentations  - Building Successful Sales Persons
 - Commando Tactics   
 - Getting on the Attack  
 - Building the Brand      
 - Sales Warfighting School   
 - Sales Assault School 









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